Services to cooperative members

Sar Trasporti provides cooperative members with special services to guarantee vehicle efficiency, the integrity of hauled freight and environmental protection while ensuring maximum profitability.

  • 20,000 m2 guarded lot for truck parking and stops;
  • Urine powered eco- fuel distributor open 24/7, with two self-service distributors, with adjacent storage facility for lubricant, additive, detergent, and truck maintenance materials;
  • Internal and external wash system;
  • Business and operation management;
  • Safety and Environmental Quality System
  • Insurance management;
  • General VAT accounting for companies that have simplified accounting;
  • Constant training;
  • Technical support and consulting;
  • Credit cards to buy fuel and pay tolls, special agreements and group purchases.
Sar Trasporti Ravenna

Sar Trasporti was founded in 1956 when a group of 15 small-sized haulers decided to join forces and create a professional, highly qualified cooperative pursuing goals of high quality, efficiency and innovation.
Sar Trasporti has at its disposal a fleet of vehicles for any kind of road and/or intermodal freight transport, available both for national and international hauling. Its policy is one constantly upgrading its fleet, facilities and operations so as to best respond to the needs of its clients, market conditions and face the technological and innovation challenges entailed in services.

Sar Trasporti
Via Vicoli, 89
48124 Ravenna (Italy)
VAT code: 00194840393
Registry of companies code: 00194840393
REA: 82880
Issued and fully paid up share capital € 106,250
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