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After thoroughly checking that applicants meet our ethical and professional requirements, our cooperative may include in its organization individual and/or small companies operating in the industry. It will set up an exclusive work relation and guarantee some of the services reserved for cooperative members.
You can become a member of Sar Trasporti cooperative and thus benefit from all available services, by submitting a written application to the Board of Directors. The Board shall evaluate whether applicants possess the needed knowledge and requirements and, on that basis, may approve the application.
For additional information o requests contact the Management directly.

For those who wish to submit an application for employment, please send your résumé by e-mail to .

Sar Trasporti Ravenna

Sar Trasporti was founded in 1956 when a group of 15 small-sized haulers decided to join forces and create a professional, highly qualified cooperative pursuing goals of high quality, efficiency and innovation.
Sar Trasporti has at its disposal a fleet of vehicles for any kind of road and/or intermodal freight transport, available both for national and international hauling. Its policy is one constantly upgrading its fleet, facilities and operations so as to best respond to the needs of its clients, market conditions and face the technological and innovation challenges entailed in services.

Sar Trasporti
Via Vicoli, 89
48124 Ravenna (Italy)
VAT code: 00194840393
Registry of companies code: 00194840393
REA: 82880
Issued and fully paid up share capital € 106,250
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